We had some fun while in Costa Rica as well. On Thursday, we were free for the entire day until about 4pm. So, we decided to go on a canopy tour (something like this) and it was a blast!

Micah told Kacie and me that the platforms were only 20 feet off of the ground. Let’s say that Micah is not good at judging heights because the lowest one was 50 feet! Kacie was excited but apprehensive and she continually used the phrase “safety first.” In the video of her, the guy lets her go and acts like the didn’t clip the pulley. It was hilarious!

Then, Micah was asked if he wanted to travel upside down. Of course he did, and I caught some good footage of it.

Thursday was also the day that we traveled to Canas, Costa Rica. If you missed the post about the band there earlier this week, you can see it here.

God is doing amazing things in Costa Rica. Today I received word that we may be supporting a new initiative there through Open Eyes to reach students and young adults.

Pray about that opportunity with me! We want God’s will!

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