If we are going to kill cockroaches on this blog, then we will definitely eat termites (or at least someone will). Yep – let’s have a little fun.

My trip to Costa Rica included travel with Micah Stephens, our First Impressions Director at FPC. Micah is crazy and will do just about anything that someone asks him to do. We were also partnered with a summer intern for Open Eyes Ministries, Kacie. Kacie is a tennis star who played at Oklahoma Wesleyan University and graduated in May. We had some free time on Thursday and decided to do a canopy tour. The tour was awesome, but Micah obviously got hungry while we were there.

Now I know that Tony Morgan can kill some cockroaches and that they love that in Costa Rica, but Tony, can you eat termites? Obviously Costa Ricans love that as well!

PS – there is more video of Micah and Kacie for tomorrow!

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