There are so many resources out there to help you “go deeper” in your Bible study. Before you jump off the deep end on “going deeper”, remember that the Bible is to be studied for a relationship with the Creator, not so that you can gain more knowledge. Matt Chandler said

Christians today often desire biblical knowledge without spiritual transformation.

If you can study God’s Word and never change, you are not “studying” God’s word. You may be reading it. You may be gaining knowledge. BUT, you ARE NOT studying His word. Interaction with the Bible produces life change! God will convict you in areas you never thought were even issues (it’s a killer but it’s awesome)!

So, what are some tools to study God’s Word on another level?

Resources today are numerous and you can often find some online. If you missed the resources mentioned in my earlier post, you can find them HERE.

Now it’s up to you. When it comes to spiritual growth, Home Depot says it best: You can do it, we can help. Your church can provide the tools but you have to put them to practice. Build the discipline of studying the Bible into your life. If will revolutionize your walk with Christ!

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