I love leadership and I love the Bible. And it’s really cool when the two come together. Several years ago I asked Dr. Steve Echols (a great friend, leadership guru and Faculty Mentor for my doctoral work) for a resource that did a great job of integrating leadership and the Bible. He recommended I read The Leadership Bible. It was an awesome journey!

The Leadership Bible provides leadership insight throughout the pages of Scripture. It looks at leadership in three different areas: Personal Development, Skills and Relationships. With each topic, it provides a five-day study to help you improve your leadership. I have personally drawn lessons for meetings directly from this Bible. If you are a leader, try to find a copy!

Now the bad news: it’s out of print. Anyone out there have connections with Zondervan? Let’s get this Bible back in print. And, if you find them somewhere, let me know! I’m giving my last extra copy away today!

(By the way, Maxwell published The Maxwell Leadership Bible, but I don’t like it as well. You may try it out also.)

  1. Nathan on Tuesday 7, 2009

    You can find it on amazon.com, they have 12 copies, 2 new and 10 used.


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