Okay, so I got some funny comments when I twittered last Thursday about my corn getting blown over by the wind. We do have corn. However, it’s just a small garden we planted at Hayden’s request including: corn, cucumbers, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, okra, strawberries and carrots.

The garden after first planted.

The garden after it was first planted.

The kiddos working in the garden.

The kiddos working in the garden.

On to what you didn’t know about me: I grew up working weekends on a small family farm. It varied in size, but one thing never changed: our family grew Sugar Cane and made Cane Syrup every year for the past 100 years. It’s a pretty crazy tradition and it honestly built a ton of character in my life. Click here to see the pics of the Whitehead’s Syrup Making.

Oh well. Enjoy – and get a good laugh!

  1. Craig Mallett on Saturday 13, 2009

    Today, I was working in my carport when the gate alarm sounded indicating that someone was coming up the driveway. I looked up and saw a man standing at the closed gate. He looked like he wanted to talk to me so I made the long walk down the driveway to see what he wanted. He told me that he noticed my sugar cane which I recently started growing and wanted me to know that he also grew it. I learned that he has spent a lifetime involved in cane and syrup making. He gave me some very good advice about harvesting, particularly the grapple that attaches to the tractor. So when I got a chance, I searched the internet to see more about his operation and I found this site which seems to be connected and I wanted to let you know what happened. He told me his name, but it escapes me.

  2. Josh on Saturday 13, 2009

    Craig, had to be my grandfather – although there is a list of family that it could be! Let me know if we can help you in any way.


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