It’s weird and I know it. Over the past few months I have realized that some of my best thoughts happen when I drive. Kim and I were driving on vacation a while back and I said, “What if we hired Chuck to be our Pastor of Family Ministries?” He’s coming on staff in July.

Recently, we were driving and there was another thought about something that is God-sized (I can’t tell you about this one and may never be able to), and the potential looks really good.

Honestly, my Type-A brain is always at work thinking about everything. But the thought hit me –

I don’t take enough time to write down and develop my thoughts.

Lots of people that I know do this, but I didn’t. So, I started carrying a book to keep up with what’s going on in my mind. Honestly, there’s a lot of room up there for some cool echoes!

What about you? Are you keeping up with what is happening in your mind? Your thoughts could change the world or someone else’s life – keep up with them!

  1. Kyle on Friday 1, 2009

    My best ideas always come when I’m in the shower.

    I read a very interesting book lately that basically said that our minds work on things unconsciously – that most of our breakthrough ideas happen when it’s not even on our minds or when we’re taking a break.

    BTW, I was wondering if we could have a shower installed at the office. 🙂

  2. Janet! on Friday 1, 2009

    Good one! This is SO true for me too! My mind goes all over the place while I’m driving. Most of the time I’ll blog about it, but sometimes by the time I get home, it doesn’t seem as “deep” as it was while I was driving. ….Maybe I need to pick up a notebook too….

  3. Josh on Friday 1, 2009

    Funny Kyle – I’m not sure Aaron would appreciate that! Janet, I hadn’t thought about that but you are right. Capturing the “perspective” of the thought is huge! Thanks!

  4. Jeff on Friday 1, 2009

    Actually Kyle, there is already one there, (two actually), but one that you if you are quick about it, no one would ever know you were there… I think of things that I need to do or ideas and I txt them to my e-mail address. Then I can do them, or process them later when I have more time, but the thought is not lost..


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