While I was traveling I had the chance to read Killing Cockroaches and hang with Jeff Pelletier and Aaron Goin. This thought stuck out in my mind a lot – I respect guys who love their wives. Tony mentioned how awesome Emily is over and over again in his book, Jeff tells everyone that Ginger is “hot,” and Aaron always says that Kerri lowered her standards to marry him! These guys love their wives.

I too have the greatest wife in the world! Kim really gives me the chance to live out my God-sized dreams and she is honestly the reason why God has blessed us so abundantly. Everyone needs to know that I have an awesome wife!

Bottom line: I respect guys who…love their wives and tell others about it.

  1. Aaron on Sunday 22, 2009

    Great post. Got me some good points at home. I thank God daily for the wife he has blessed me with. I feel so undeserving sometimes.

  2. Kyle on Sunday 22, 2009

    Some people may get in trouble for not being listed here.

  3. Josh on Sunday 22, 2009

    They shouldn’t – I wasn’t hanging with everyone last week! Although while I was talking to PC today, I realized that I didn’t mention him either!


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