Tony Morgan’s new book, Killing Cockroaches, hits the bookstores soon (although you could’ve bought it on Amazon last week – and the Kindle prior to that). Tony is one of the greatest strategic thinkers and leaders in our day. So, what about Killing Cockroaches?

First, a cockroach story. Being from south Louisiana, I have seen some mega cockroaches. My fondest memory comes from my grandparent’s back yard. One afternoon we were playing out back when it began raining. Suddenly, these huge cockroaches (called Palmetto bugs) as long as your fingers began falling like missiles from the trees (and I agree with Tony that they are ROACHES). It was the craziest thing I have ever seen and was truly disgusting.

Killing Cockroaches isn’t disgusting (or is it?) but does uncover issues that bottleneck ministry in the 21st Century. It was challenging (and refreshing) to hear some of the greatest leaders of our day communicate their struggle to empower others, get caught up in the mundane, have a tendency to micromanage, etc. Ultimately, the challenge of the book is to grow as a leader by strategically evaluating your ministry, making changes, and empowering others to lead. Also, there is a mandate to look further ahead in ministry. Most of the stories related mention that great leaders needed to evaluate their future leadership potential and obstacles closely and make changes quickly – but that didn’t always happen. Those leaders became the roadblocks within their ministries. Tony gives areas to evaluate within your context that may need new insight or immediate changes.

Bottom line: Killing cockroaches is killing churches (not the book – the practice). Leaders need to think strategically in the areas Tony mentions if the Church is going to impact our country significantly for Christ again. The book is packed full of leadership lessons needed in the church today. If you want to learn more about it, you can read on overview here.

Last, if you don’t know if you will buy a copy, do it because you are supporting a man who hates country music. Being a fellow hater, that is reason enough!

Great read, Tony.

  1. Kyle on Wednesday 18, 2009

    Didn’t know that Tony was a hater. I guess I need to start following his blog.


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